February 2020’s GNBV College Recruiting Showcase

The return of Get Noticed!!

February 2nd was a big day. This was truly earth shattering. Players from 13 states and 25 colleges represented by in some cases head and assistant coaches both on site at GNBV! Our job is to bring together the best teams on a nationwide level so that coaches from coast to coast can follow players on site. The name says it all, Get Noticed Beach Volleyball™.

All event details are fully recorded. Final results are available here:

As always though, we also keep the pool play and playoff results so that players, club coaches, and collegiate coaches can follow player progress through an event.

Here are the 18U finals, but we have a lot more photos and video in our Get Noticed Beach Volleyball website. Click here for all the videos and pictures: http://gnbv.net/gnbv-feb-2020-results-national-college-recruiting-showcase/