College Coaches

Are you a college coach? Here’s what you need to know!

BVNE will provide a private tent for attending college coaches use for the day. We will of provide you our normal information packets to make your day easier. You will have access to player details on paper and an online schedule for pool play and playoffs. Light snacks, water, and lunch are provided too. A couple weeks prior to the event we will get in touch to arrange lunch from Perry’s Cafe.

Beach Volleyball National Events works every year to bring you the best place to come see potential recruits play. Our online results and player profiles can also help you follow a player’s development across showcase events, Juniors Beach Club League, the BreakWater™ Shades Tournament, and the Kauai Bikini Tournament Series all in one searchable points system. By clicking on the “View Profile” button in our ranking system, you can see how players can finish over many events, here’s an example.

Here’s how our events work for collegiate coaches:

Get in touch with us prior to attending. Your name and school will be announced as committed to attend the event so players interested in your school can attend. Please make sure to review your schedule before making this commitment.

Players often travel from out of state and even internationally to attend our events. They make the choice to do so based partly on your attendance commitment. We understand life challenges happen but hope there will be limited cancelations once you reserve your spot.

We use social media Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, emails, text and calls to let people know who are attending. Once you confirm your attendance athletes may start to send you emails.

Questions, please let me know!

Registrations & general details, contact Daron Forbes. or 310-547-7486