College Recruiting Showcases vs. Other Events

What’s the difference between all the “mega”, “nationals”, “USA”, and other big summer tournaments and a BVNE College Recruiting Showcase? 

BVNE Event Winners

These big events are great beach volleyball resume items to show you can win. A beach volleyball college recruiting showcase is another matter entirely. This is where coaches come to evaluate many players in one day. A college coach doesn’t have the resources at regular events and championships to have a truly effective day recruiting. At BVNE showcases coaches have all the details they need to come watch players, and watch more players than they could ever have time for at traditional events. 

Beach Volleyball National Events College Recruiting Showcases are the premier events for getting noticed by coaches. This is the place where the event is “right sized” so that coaches can actually get to courts and see players they want to see.  By design and with direct input from collegiate coaches, pool play in our events is two games to 21. This gives coaches more opportunity to see players. At BVNE, college coaches are provided the key details to be able to find out who “that player” is, and find out even more with integration. With Sand Recruits, coaches can see key details in the Sand Recruits app that has features specific for authorized college coaches. 

One of the last and most important details is the BVNE team. College coaches often communicate with our founder and tournament director Daron Forbes, for key details to plan their day at BVNE. Between BVNE’s attention to detail, BracketPal event operations software, and Daron’s knowledge of where players and their schedules, college coaches can make the best use of their time. 

The BVNE team has been running beach volleyball recruiting events since 2014, since the start of beach volleyball college recruiting. In that time we’ve seen many players who have been recruited, played in college, graduate, and some have even transferred during their journey. BVNE is here to help players get a successful start to their beach volleyball college career. We hope to meet you all on the beach soon.