Congratulations to the winners of the July  31st 2018 showcase tournament! You all worked hard and played smart in the heat and hot sand!

17’s & 18’s Gold 2018/2019 Grad Year 17’s & 18’s Silver 2018/2019 Grad Year
1st Gamberdella/Matthews 1st Jansen/Vu
2nd Dupler/lazenby 2nd Stanfill/Brow
3rd Black/Popovic 3rd Bickers/Irwin
3rd Rasmussen/Canon 3rd Raha/Karamanukyan
5th Held/Sahlie 5th Lee/Coronado
5th Brewster/Kramer 5th Langridge/Taylor
16U 2020/2021 Gold Grad Year 16U 2020/2021 Silver Grad year
1st bouquet/Lucas 1st Gallagher/Paulson
2nd Ramirez/Jones 2nd Lee/Schmok
3rd Strawn/Toohey 3rd Langlois/Wedbush
3rd Sanchez/Twilley 3rd Cederlind/Wilson
5th Young/Hart 5th Cole/Kensinger
5th Wan/Youssef 5th Axelrod/Morales
5th Rezentes/Jacinto 5th Stevens/Morris
5th Page/Quintero 5th Molinari/Jones
9th Carpenter/Feliciano 9th Chen/Patrick
9th Ster/Devereaux 9th Rowan/Golichowski
9th Leight/Brock 9th Parisi/Russell
9th Koch/Daum 9th Melton/Yates
9th Hagenah/Amaitu 9th Hsu/Bravos
9th Decas/Sheldon 9th Anderson/Clemmons
14U Playoffs
1st Pater/Pater
2nd Rollins/O’Steen
3rd Gillett/Criss
3rd Horner/Mack