So how does a college showcase event work? What should I do to prepare?

It doesn’t matter if you are new to the sport or have years of experience on the beach. Each collegiate coach knows what their teams will need and they are out scouting to fill those needs. They often spend years organizing and planning their strategy to build their teams with the right players at the right times. Every day is different for these coaches and no one can truly say if they are seeking one specific athlete on any given day, or trying to build an entire new team for their school.

At BVNE, our college recruiting showcases are designed to connect as many of our players and coaches as possible. We take input from collegiate coaches on what they need, and setup our events to meet those goals, helping players and coaches be successful.

It’s encouraged to have your coach at the tournament as players and parents are not allowed to have any communication with collegiate coaches. Your club coach or authorized recruitment representative are the only people that are allowed to talk to coaches on your behalf.

BVNE encourages players to spend time the day before at our collegiate coaches clinics to gain exposure to coaches in a small group format. We also recommend players gain practice time with their partners before the event.