🗓 October 27th 2019 Showcase

As of September 25th, we have teams from Alberta Canada, Arizona, California, Colorado, London England, Florida, Hawaii, Texas, Virginia, and Washington coming to the showcase, clinics, and Kauai Bikini Nationals.

If you haven’t been to our events before, here’s what a clinic looks like. This is our June 2019 event, and capacity is strictly regulated. At our college coaches clinics all courts are staffed by collegiate coaches and as you can see in the full video each coach receives enough time work with all players.

Those who have been to a BVNE showcase already know that college coaches do attend our events. If you haven’t played BVNE yet the video below is all from our June 2019 showcase. Jump ahead to two minutes and twenty seconds to see all the coaches.

This October we have a full weekend planned. Players can attend the AM and/or PM college coaches clinic on Saturday the 26th, play in the Kauai Bikini Nationals on the same day, and then play in the BVNE National College Recruiting Showcase on Sunday.

We are proud to bring you the best beach volleyball tournaments! With complete records online players and coaches can make the most of your day with BVNE. Click here to see the record of our June showcase event, and click here to see the points in our national ranking system.

BVNE Provides Full Event Data

Did you read about this on bvne.org yet? We’ve copied here to the showcase website too!

BVNE is where YOU, the player, the parent, college coaches, club coaches, recruiters…..EVERYONE, can access everything from pool play schedules, results, reffing assignments, and all playoff details. It’s all public and all accessible to everyone. The answers to those questions are in reach without going to the event desk.

So here’s a pool play sample. The main screen (not shown, but you can view it by clicking here) shows seeding information and who is in your pool. This screen shows the schedule, who is playing, and who is reffing. Times of course are approximate since games will take as long as they take, but it’s available online to everyone.

The rest of the article covering playoffs and a link to a live event is on bvne.org