Evaluating Colleges?

Looking at colleges? You must be spending the weekend digging through details. What details though? Are you looking at acceptance rate, undergraduate tuition? There are so many considerations for each family that no one key detail can be truly valuable for everyone. We came across the startclass website and it looks like a great starting point for your research. The colleges page lists the acceptance rate, student population details, key financial details…it’s worth a look.


So how does a college showcase event work? What should I do to prepare?

It doesn’t matter if you are new to the sport or have years of experience on the beach. Each collegiate coach knows what their teams will need and they are out scouting to fill those needs. They often spend years organizing and planning their strategy to build their teams with the right players at the right times. Every day is different for these coaches and no one can truly say if they are seeking one specific athlete on any given day, or trying to build an entire new team for their school.

At BVNE, our college recruiting showcases are designed to connect as many of our players and coaches as possible. We take input from collegiate coaches on what they need, and setup our events to meet those goals, helping players and coaches be successful.

It’s encouraged to have your coach at the tournament as players and parents are not allowed to have any communication with collegiate coaches. Your club coach or authorized recruitment representative are the only people that are allowed to talk to coaches on your behalf.

BVNE encourages players to spend time the day before at our collegiate coaches clinics to gain exposure to coaches in a small group format. We also recommend players gain practice time with their partners before the event.

Gulf Shores will be televised!

The NCAA beach volleyball championships in Gulf Shores Alabama will be televised! ESPN will have the rights through 2022. Beach volleyball keeps growing every day, and long term broadcast television agreements will bring the sport to more people in a great way. We’re looking forward to this even though the BVNE team will probably be there in person.

Check out the full story on the NCAA website:


How do you break into collegiate beach volleyball?

Everyone has their own ideas about beach volleyball. BVNE is no exception, but there’s a difference. Since 2014 Daron Forbes, the founder of BVNE has been directly involved in the college recruiting process for beach volleyball at the event level. She was the founder of We Are Volleyball Elite where AVP Player of the decade for the 1990’s Jose Loiola and 2 time Olympic coach Marcio Sicoli coached for her indoor club league, and has been involved in many juniors, professional, amateur, recruiting, and social volleyball events starting back in the 1990’s.

So that’s a number years so far. What does all that experience do for someone who currently spends most of their time advocating for beach volleyball players? This is where the difference between just any college recruiting showcase and BVNE college recruiting showcases comes up. Daron has directly been involved with player recruiting with many division one colleges since 2014. If this was an academic paper there would be a works cited page, but this is a website, so please check out the BVNE Instagram feed to see the social network feeding into BVNE. The knowledge that comes from being involved in helping coaches find the players they need at the right time is priceless.

Daron spends most of her time working to lead players, colleges, and the industry at large to success. In the process, Daron has established professional relationships with many individuals and coaches to help connect players with the coaches who need those players with specific skills. The recruiting process is not just about who is the best. What player has the skills that each college coach needs is the most important factor in recruiting, and being able to connect the college and players with the matching need at the right time is more important than any other factor. In the process, Daron has established direct professional relationships with the institutions below, as well as many others not listed:

Anna Collier – USC

Gustavo Rocha – USC

Marcio Sicoli – Pepperdine

Evan Silberstein – University of Hawaii

Terri Del Conte – Missouri State

Megan Owusu – Cal Berkeley

Hector Gutierrez – Texas Christian University

John Mayer – Loyola Marymount

Todd Rogers – Cal Poly

Rico Guimaraes – FIU

Trey Cruz – LSU

Raul Papaleo – FSU

Wayne Holly – Tulane

RJ Abella – South Carolina

Joe Morales – Texas A&M Kingsville

Steve Grotowski – Florida Atlantic University

Kara Hill & Steve Walker -Arizona

Rita Buck-Crockett & Mari Crockett – Florida International  University

Kristen Roar – GCU