GNBV Virtual Showcase

Welcome to the GNBV Virtual College Recruiting Showcase

We’re not waiting for events to resume to help players Get Noticed. We are bringing broadcast style virtual showcases to players worldwide. Here’s how a virtual showcase works. Players are interviewed and provide us with background videos in addition to your highlight video. GNBV will bring together several player interviews for each virtual showcase episode.

The first step is to get into the Player Highlight Program. This is where your highlight video is posted to our YouTube channel. Click here to get started with your highlight video.

Next, register for the Virtual Showcase. Once your interview is complete, your bio will be posted into the new player profile section of the GNBV website. The profiles and virtual showcases will then be provided as an indispensable resource for college coaches to get to know players and find out more about you.

Each player receives an interview in the format below.

February 2020’s GNBV College Recruiting Showcase

The return of Get Noticed!!

February 2nd was a big day. This was truly earth shattering. Players from 13 states and 25 colleges represented by in some cases head and assistant coaches both on site at GNBV! Our job is to bring together the best teams on a nationwide level so that coaches from coast to coast can follow players on site. The name says it all, Get Noticed Beach Volleyball™.

All event details are fully recorded. Final results are available here:

As always though, we also keep the pool play and playoff results so that players, club coaches, and collegiate coaches can follow player progress through an event.

Here are the 18U finals, but we have a lot more photos and video in our Get Noticed Beach Volleyball website. Click here for all the videos and pictures:

🏐 BVNE October 2019 Showcase

Thank you to everyone who made the trip to see us on October 26th and 27th. After talking with the college coaches after the event we’re please to say that they all were glad they were there to see everyone play. You can check out the final results too!

We would also like to share all the photos and video we could get our hands on. We hope to see you all next February. Keep playing, there is no off season!

If you have never been to a college recruiting showcase, a BVNE national event is the only place to be.

A BVNE National College Recruiting Showcase is a where college coaches from across the nation come to watch players from across the nation, and beyond, compete against elite level competitors. Players demonstrate their skills in a tournament format designed with collegiate coach input to help maximize the time coaches have to walk the event and watch players they are interested in.

Play BVNE, get noticed, and get recruited!

🗓 October 27th 2019 Showcase

As of September 25th, we have teams from Alberta Canada, Arizona, California, Colorado, London England, Florida, Hawaii, Texas, Virginia, and Washington coming to the showcase, clinics, and Kauai Bikini Nationals.

If you haven’t been to our events before, here’s what a clinic looks like. This is our June 2019 event, and capacity is strictly regulated. At our college coaches clinics all courts are staffed by collegiate coaches and as you can see in the full video each coach receives enough time work with all players.

Those who have been to a BVNE showcase already know that college coaches do attend our events. If you haven’t played BVNE yet the video below is all from our June 2019 showcase. Jump ahead to two minutes and twenty seconds to see all the coaches.

This October we have a full weekend planned. Players can attend the AM and/or PM college coaches clinic on Saturday the 26th, play in the Kauai Bikini Nationals on the same day, and then play in the BVNE National College Recruiting Showcase on Sunday.

We are proud to bring you the best beach volleyball tournaments! With complete records online players and coaches can make the most of your day with BVNE. Click here to see the record of our June showcase event, and click here to see the points in our national ranking system.

BVNE Provides Full Event Data

Did you read about this on yet? We’ve copied here to the showcase website too!

BVNE is where YOU, the player, the parent, college coaches, club coaches, recruiters…..EVERYONE, can access everything from pool play schedules, results, reffing assignments, and all playoff details. It’s all public and all accessible to everyone. The answers to those questions are in reach without going to the event desk.

So here’s a pool play sample. The main screen (not shown, but you can view it by clicking here) shows seeding information and who is in your pool. This screen shows the schedule, who is playing, and who is reffing. Times of course are approximate since games will take as long as they take, but it’s available online to everyone.

The rest of the article covering playoffs and a link to a live event is on

College Recruiting Showcases vs. Other Events

What’s the difference between all the “mega”, “nationals”, “USA”, and other big summer tournaments and a BVNE College Recruiting Showcase? 

BVNE Event Winners

These big events are great beach volleyball resume items to show you can win. A beach volleyball college recruiting showcase is another matter entirely. This is where coaches come to evaluate many players in one day. A college coach doesn’t have the resources at regular events and championships to have a truly effective day recruiting. At BVNE showcases coaches have all the details they need to come watch players, and watch more players than they could ever have time for at traditional events. 

Beach Volleyball National Events College Recruiting Showcases are the premier events for getting noticed by coaches. This is the place where the event is “right sized” so that coaches can actually get to courts and see players they want to see.  By design and with direct input from collegiate coaches, pool play in our events is two games to 21. This gives coaches more opportunity to see players. At BVNE, college coaches are provided the key details to be able to find out who “that player” is, and find out even more with integration. With Sand Recruits, coaches can see key details in the Sand Recruits app that has features specific for authorized college coaches. 

One of the last and most important details is the BVNE team. College coaches often communicate with our founder and tournament director Daron Forbes, for key details to plan their day at BVNE. Between BVNE’s attention to detail, BracketPal event operations software, and Daron’s knowledge of where players and their schedules, college coaches can make the best use of their time. 

The BVNE team has been running beach volleyball recruiting events since 2014, since the start of beach volleyball college recruiting. In that time we’ve seen many players who have been recruited, played in college, graduate, and some have even transferred during their journey. BVNE is here to help players get a successful start to their beach volleyball college career. We hope to meet you all on the beach soon. 

July 31st is the Summer BVNE College Recruiting Showcase

This July 31st is the next college recruiting tournament. BVNE, quite simply, is the only premier college recruiting event in the nation. The BVNE formula for events makes sure college coaches can actually find the players they are interested in. Our events also make sure coaches can easily bump into players they haven’t seen before. We offer one of the few, if not only, single day, capacity limited college recruiting events in the nation. That is just one of the key facts that makes BVNE more manageable for players and families, and physically possible for coaches to see who they want to see. Check out our last event below.

Here are just some of the coaches that attended our June 16th, 2019 event. Come see who will be there next! BVNE College recruiting events exist to bring everyone together.

This isn’t all either. BVNE has hosted many more college coaches, but we only have so much time at our events to stop for photos. Coaches are busy people!

June 16th 2019 BVNE College Recruiting Showcase

Here at BVNE, we’re a family run business. We have our own college student who has been through the same process, and we do our best to make sure we conduct ourselves to the same expectations we would for our own family. This weekend we saw a lot of players perform well, show independence and responsibility, and fielded a lot of questions about our players. You might have heard “so and so please report to the front desk” announced a few times over the speakers. This is a good thing, and usually meant that a coach needed information about a player, so we called them up to ask the question that was not have been filled out completely on the registration forms.

We would like to thank everyone for placing your trust in us to bring you a quality event. Most of you travelled from far and we hope to see you again before your player’s college career starts. Please consider our clinics and showcases from July to October this year, and our additional events throughout the year. Don’t forget to check out our highlight video at the end of this email!

All our results have been placed on our website so that you can refer to them. All results have also been placed in our ranking system so you can track your progress.


This past weekend we had photographer Andy Wolf on site taking photos. He offers full resolution photos and will welcome your inquiry. You can contact him at and review more of his work on Instagram and Facebook. The photo gallery for this event is located here., or just click the photos below.

Visit the full photo gallery here
Visit the full photo gallery here
Highlights from this weekend

2019 NCAA Division I Women’s Beach Volleyball Recruiting Calendar Important Dates

We’re heading into summer when most of the college recruiting showcases are scheduled. Many players and parents are new to the recruiting scene, and even for those familiar already it’s a good reminder.

May 1st to 24th is an “evaluation period” for division 1 schools. During this time D1 coaches have limitations on in person contact with players. This is routine and coaches will be following the rules, especially given the current climate. As players, and those who support them, we can help by knowing more about these details. Here are a few resources for you:

Division 1 Recruiting Schedule

Division 2 Recruiting Guide

NCAA 2018-19 Division I and II Recruiting Calendars and Details

NAIA Schools Recruiting Details

NAIA Guide for the College Bound Student

OK, so that’s a lot of information already. Division 2 and NAIA coaches clearly have an easier time with less regulation. The more you know about the recruiting process, the more players will be successful at becoming student athletes in college.

At BVNE, our college recruiting showcases are designed to help players showcase their skills, sportsmanship, and do it in the most professional way possible. Our college recruiting event schedule is located at:

We hope to see you this summer!